Top 10 Famous Israeli Songs In 2020

In this article, we list the most popular songs from Israel in 2020. Explore the most popular music videos from Israel. These entries are the most famous Israeli songs in 2020.

The best Israeli music. The Popular Israeli top songs. The Famous Israeli songs 2020 - 2021.

"Million Dollar Hosts Dawn Of Seoul"

sung by: Noa Kirl

Net Worth: $20.1K


"If You Are A Man"

sung by: Noa Kirl

Net Worth: $18.4K


"My Heart"

sung by: Omar Adam

Net Worth: $14.4K


"Kindly Albie"

sung by: Ben-El Tavori And Static, Nasreen Qadri

Net Worth: $13.4K


"We'll Wait For You"

sung by: Nathan Goshen, Ishay Ribo

Net Worth: $12.5K



sung by: Noa Kirl, Liran Danino

Net Worth: $11.3K


"In Our Dreams"

In Our Dreams - Most Popular Songs from Israel

sung by: Dudu Aaron, Eden Meiri

Net Worth: $10.4K


"Kuku Riku"

Kuku Riku - Most Popular Songs from Israel

sung by: Omer Adam, Eden Ben Zaken

Net Worth: $10.3K


"Make Peace With You"

Make Peace With You - Most Popular Songs from Israel

sung by: Eyal Golan

Net Worth: $10.1K


"Vida Loca"

Vida Loca - Most Popular Songs from Israel

sung by: Stephane Legar

Net Worth: $9.3K



Dice - Most Popular Songs from Israel

sung by: Ben-El Tavori And Static, Anna Zak

Net Worth: $9.1K


# Song Net Worth
1 Million Dollar Hosts Dawn Of Seoul $20.1K
2 If You Are A Man $18.4K
3 My Heart $14.4K
4 Kindly Albie $13.4K
5 We'll Wait For You $12.5K
6 Happy $11.3K
7 In Our Dreams $10.4K
8 Kuku Riku $10.3K
9 Make Peace With You $10.1K
10 Vida Loca $9.3K
11 Dice $9.1K
12 Take The Keys $8.5K
13 Thank You $8.3K
14 And Then You Will See $7.8K
15 - In The Farthest Place $7.8K
16 Half For Me $7.8K
17 Whole $7.7K
18 Sivuvim $7.2K
19 Dibur Nagua $7.1K
20 Two Months Passed $7.1K
21 Beg $7K
22 Ambulance $6.8K
23 From Here To Eternity $6.8K
24 Of All The Temporary Loves $6.7K
25 Al Tishberi Li Et Alev $6.2K
26 Roller Coaster $6K
27 Rak Banot $5.6K
28 Ma Avar Alay $5.5K
29 Amala $5.4K
30 One Spoon Of Good $5.3K
31 Block $5.2K
32 Doing With The Eyes $5.2K
33 Shampania $5.1K
34 I Wrote A Song About You $5.1K
35 Lo Yotze Lemesibot $5K
36 Ricki Lake $5K
37 Just Want To Fly $4.7K
38 Some Things Don't $4.5K
39 The Thoughts Kill Me $4.5K
40 Going Barefoot $4.2K
41 Meg $4.2K
42 Numbers $4.2K
43 Run To Him $4.2K
44 Releasing You $4.1K
45 Milli $4.1K
46 Etach $4K
47 Take Off The Moon $3.9K
48 Hola Mamacita $3.7K
49 Shvuaim $3.6K
50 Captive To Love $3.6K
51 Last Seen $3.6K
52 Close To Me $3.5K
53 You Have Come To Me Suddenly $3.3K
54 Prayer $3.2K
55 We'll Be Fine $3.1K
56 Take The Fears $3K
57 Bad Movie $3K
58 The Stars Cry At Night $2.9K
59 We Used To Make Love $2.9K
60 If Only You Knew $2.8K
61 I Keep Saying $2.8K
62 Say You're Here $2.8K
63 I Was Wrong $2.7K
64 The Nights $2.7K
65 Everything Here Will End $2.7K
66 Dudu Faruk 2 $2.7K
67 Keter Melukha $2.7K
68 Jungle $2.6K
69 I Have No Chance $2.6K
70 Please Meg $2.6K
71 Birthday $2.6K
72 A Luxurious Routine $2.5K
73 Lo Nigmar $2.5K
74 Simple $2.4K
75 Maybe Some More Together $2.4K
76 Standing Here Alone $2.3K
77 When You Come $2.2K
78 Before I Know You $2.2K
79 Who Laughs You $2.2K
80 String Sound $2.1K
81 Light $2.1K
82 I'm Missing The $2.1K
83 Night In Sinai $2K
84 Just Smile $2K
85 If The World Ends $2K
86 Good Week $2K
87 Abba $2K
88 Where Are You $1.9K
89 Just Say $1.9K
90 Cuckoo $1.9K
91 I Love You $1.9K
92 Rona Medley $1.9K
93 Primitive $1.9K
94 Today Will Be Happy $1.9K
95 Whatever It Was $1.9K
96 Inappropriate $1.9K
97 Flood $1.8K
98 I've Been Through Everything $1.8K
99 The Quiet Of Saturday $1.8K
100 Nothing Tastes Good $1.8K

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